Sociology Links:

Instructor: Mr. Marc Uhlmann
Phone 323-5245
Building and Room number(s) Central High School, Room 1108

Course Description:  This survey course is designed to introduce the student to the science of sociology. Major areas of study include the sociological perspective, social groups and control, social inequality, social institutions, and social change.

Course and Classroom Expectations: 

Current Events: It is crucial that you pay attention to news and stories that take place around the world. We will begin each class period by taking time to discuss news over the past 24 hours. Please refer to CNN Headline News, newspapers, and local TV to find things.

Hall Pass: Restrooms are out the door and to the right. Go into the East Wing and they are on the left.

Food/Beverages: Do not bring your breakfast or lunch into the classroom! Go to Mustang Commons. Beverages are fine, but please pick up after yourself and no spills!! Popcorn on established day is fine.

Class Dismissal: Please be in your seat when the bell rings. The room is small and does not need a crowd of people around the door. When the bell rings you may leave unless we are not ALL in our seats. 7th Hour please put seats on desks.

Social Studies Department Grading Rubric

 70% of grade is comprised of assessments (tests/quizzes/projects/presentations).

30% of grade is comprised of classwork/homework, other.

Late Work Policy

Late Work:

100% possible points when turned in on assigned day

Max of 75% = 1 day late

Max of 50% = 2-4 days late

0% after 5 days

 *Policy is obviously adjusted for absences and kicks in on day of return.

Text used and other recommended materials: 
  • Sociology: In Our Times

At the end of the marking period, the teacher will calculate students’ grades from tests, daily quizzes, specific assignments, etc.  Letter grades will be assigned by the scale below.  

Student scores that result in .05 or higher should be rounded up.  The following percentage scale applies.
100 - 91.5  = A
91.4 - 89.5 = A-
89.4 - 87.5 = B+
87.4 - 81.5 = B
81.4 - 79.5 = B-
79.4 - 77.5 = C+
77.4 - 71.5 = C 
71.4 - 69.5 = C-
69.4 - 67.5 = D+
67.4 - 61.5 = D
61.4 - 59.5 = D-
59.4 - 0      = E
Grades will be rounded up only to the tenth place during this calculation.  Students will only earn a passing grade for a marking period if they achieve at or above 59.45%, which rounds to 59.5%.

The final semester grade is based on a composite of two nine-weeks’ grades and the final examination/culminating assessment/project.  Each nine weeks is worth approximately 43%, and the semester exam/project or District Culminating Activity assessment is worth approximately 14%.  

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